Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Illusion to reality

"It is easy to read about wakefulness, to have
elaborate and, as far as they go, accurate ideas
about enlightment, and yet all the while to
be fast

The call to modern man, the call to all of
us, is to
become spiritual. To become spiritual we
have to
learn to leave behind our official religious
selves - that
is, to leave behind the Pharisee that lurks
inside of all
of us- because, as Jesus has told us, we have to
leave behind our whole self. All images of
coming as they do out of the fevered brain of
the ego,
have to be renounced and transcended if we
are to
become one with ourselves, with God, with our
brethern - that is, to become truly human,
truly realy,
truly humble.

Our images of God must similarly fall away.
We must
not be idol-worshippers. Curiously, what we
find is
that they fall away as our images of self
fall away,
which suggests that I suppose we always guessed
anyway, that our images of God were really
images of

In this wonderful process of coming into the
full light of
Reality, of falling away from illusion, a
great silence
emerges from the centre. We feel ourselves
in the eternal silence of God. We are no
longer talking
to God or worse, talking to ourselves. We
are learning
to be - to be with God, to be in God".

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Tree Filled with Monkeys

"The Indian mystic Sri Ramakrishna, who lived in
Bengal in the nineteenth century, used to describe the
mind as a mighty tree filled with monkeys, all
swinging from branch to branch and all in an
incessant riot of chatter and movement.

Prayer is not a matter of adding to this confusion by
trying to shout it down and covering it with another lot
of chatter. The task of meditation is to bring all this
mobile and distracted mind to stilness, silence and
concentration, to bring it, that is, into its proper
service. This is the aim given us by the psalmist: ´Be
still and know that I am God´ (Ps 46:10)

One of the first great lessons in humility is that we
come to wisdom and stillness and pass beyond
distraction, only through the gift of God. His prayer is
his gift to us and all we have to do is to dispose
ourselves by becoming silent. Silence is the
essential human response to the mystery of God, to
the infinity of God.

It is this understanding that has led so many today to
the threshold of real prayer. The way of prayer is a
way of ever-deeper, ever more generous silence".

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prepare for death

"The only ultimate tragedy is a life that has not
opened to eternal life.

In the Christian vision, death is not the all-important
moment in our life. The supreme all-important
moment in any life is the moment of full openness to
Jesus. We have to take practical steps to put
ourselves into readiness.

Anyone who meditates in faith knows that the
journey within takes us out of ourselves. Saying the
mantra is learning to die and to accept the eternal
gift of our being in one and the same act.

Our being passes through various stages of life,
through many deaths, but we can never slip out of
being. God never withdraws the inmortal gift
of live he has given to us. This is the essential
preparation we need in experience to face our
own death withou fear, without false consolation,
with open minds and open hearts.

All death is death to limitation. If we can die to self,
we rise to an infinite liberty of love. This way of
dying to the ego, the first death, is what we call

The pearl of great price

"The great grace that all of us have been
given is to
believe in Jesus Christ, to believe in his
presence in
our hearts and to believe that he invites
each of us
to enter into that presence. That is the
gift to have been given.

We have to learn, because it is a gift of such
staggering proportions, to respond to it
gently. When we begin we cannot fully
the sheer magnificience and wonder of it.
Each time
we return to meditate we enter iinto that
reality a
little more deeply, a little more faithfully.

When we begin we probably find our way to
meditation as one among many options that we
been looking at and it takes us time to find
that this
is the pearl of great price.

I do not wish to imply that meditation is the
way, but rather that it is the only way I
have found.
In my experience it is the way of pure
simplicity that
enables us to become fully, integrally aware
of the
Spirit Jesus has sent into our heart. This
is the
recorded experience of the mainstream of the
Christian tradition from apostolic times down
to our

Thursday, June 18, 2009


In each step of this life, I realize as a meditation of life. Grateful to the way of life and with full surrender to the will of God. Life is like a rotating wheel, sometimes we have happy, sad, healthy, sick
I try to accept all this as part of life, which is God's will.
I received, I realize, I am grateful and peaceful that I received
Finally, I feel how great the love of God in my life.
In reaching this awareness that I take a very long time, events that I experienced every day I meditate every night before bed.I explore, examine step by step carefully. I pray and give all the will of God. When experiencing pain, and I accept that I feel sick, I unite with the suffering of Jesus on the cross.
When I receive the blessings and happiness do not forget me say thanks to God who gives life. I forward the blessings and happiness to his wife, daughters, friends and other people. Also to animals and plants and the earth where I live I forward it to all the blessed people in the world in prayer and my meditation
Finally thinking of my life I find this a conclusion that I made as a life motto
SO IN THIS LIFE we love one another support ONE WITH THE OTHER, NOT destroy
Thank you so much
I suggest waiting, messages, suggestions, criticism and build a life for the sake of progress

Death a Part of Life

"If we would become wise, we must learn that we
have here no abiding city (Heb 13:14).

To have life in focus, we must have death in
our field
of vision. Within this vision we see life as
preparation for death and death as
preparation for

If we are to meet our own death with hope, it
be a hope built not on theory or on belief
alone, but
on experience. We must know from experience
death is an event in life, an
essential part of
any life which is lived as a perpetual
expandiing and
self-transcending mystery.

Only the experience of the continuous death
of the
ego can lead us into this hope, into an ever
deepening contact with the power of life itself.

Only our own death to self-centredness can
persuade us of death as the connecting link
in the
chain of perpetual expansion, and as the way to
fullness of life".

Friday, June 12, 2009

Meditation Part 2

"The great conviction of the New Testament is
by giving us his Spirit, Jesus has dramatically
transformed the fabric of human
consciousness. Our
redemption by Jesus Christ has opened up for us
leveles of consciousness that can be
described by
St. Paul only in terms of a totally new creation.

God became man so that man might become God, as
the early Fathers of the Church expressed it.
It is
our destiny to be divinized by becoming one
with the
Spirit of God. Divinization is utterly
beyond our
imagination and our own powers of
understanding to
comprehend. But it is not beyond our
capacity to
experience it in love.

Staggering as this revelation is and feeble
though our
capacity may be to receive it, it is worked out
through the ordinariness of our humanity and
the ordinariness of our human life.

The big problem in Christianity is to
believe it".